The festival takes place at the Welna estate near Epe.


All meals, coffee and tea are included in the ticket price.
On Saturday there will be lunch and dinner; on Sunday breakfast and lunch.
All meals will be organic and vegetarian (or vegan).
If you have special dietary needs be sure to let us know beforehand.
Soda and alcoholic beverages will be for sale onsite, so be sure to bring some change.
There will be no more carving after the consumption of alcohol.

Bring with

What should I bring with me?
-Tent & sleeping gear
-If possible, your woodworking tools. An axe, knife and hook knife will be very useful.

-Can I rent/loan/buy tools onsite?
Yes, we will bring our own gear which you can loan during the workshops. There will also be the possibility to purchase tools at some point during the weekend.