Jan Harm ter Brugge : Hout van bomen
I am a spoon carver and product designer/design teacher from the Netherlands. I picked up spoon carving around 2001, looking for a simple and direct approach to designing humble products that matter to people – both in a visual and ergonomic aspect. A spoon for me is about the unity of tools, methods, material, shape and function – I enjoy playing with these aspects in a direct way, I don’t like templates or drawing.
I like to discuss spoon-aesthetics: We can talk about volumes, lines, texture and balance without falling into the ‘taste’ trap. I enjoy working out in the woods at my ancestral cottage and woodland, built by my grandfather before I was born, in Eastern Netherlands. I like carving individual spoons, very often from crooks. (mostly ’side-branch crooks’) I particularly like the short and stubby Swedish Eating spoons, (that havent seen much change since the Viking era) but also servers, and small and quick ‘little scoops’ for sugar, herbs, salt.. These are fun to play with and quick in the making. Besides spoons I also make Scandinavian-style mugs, (Kåsor) and occasionally shrink pots, stools.

Maurits Sengers : Eemlepel
I grew up near woods & rivers and have been playing around with wood since I was a kid. From whittling as a child, to joinery and carpentry – my father was a good wood teacher.
Around 5 years ago I discovered the world of green woodworking and spoon carving and have been building skills and techniques ever since.
As a graphic designer with Vormkracht I spent much time working with computers. When I was asked for a project to design an Infographic with a map of local green & sustainable initiatives around my home town, the moment it was presented I realized I wanted to be on that map too with my own local green project.
So I started Eemlepel carving spoons and bowls from local wood. Now for 3 years I am teaching spoon carving in small classes in my home town Amersfoort.
And there you can find me with my spoons on the local produce market between delicious local grown food and honest local products. I would tell you my spoons are not for sale but I am glad to teach you how to carve your own spoon.

Job Suijker : Vers-Hout

Sjors van de Meer : Vers-Hout

Annette Koehnen : Fingerprint Furniture

Lieuwe Jongsma : Livius Crafts